Voice of the Greenwave: Lonnie Goldberg

Lonnie Goldberg is the voice of the Greenwave.

Behind the booming voice over the loudspeaker at Homer Smiles Stadium during Greenwave home games is a history teacher with a purpose for teaching and a love of radio.

Calling games from the press box for the last three years has been a fun job for Lonnie Goldberg. A big Greenwave fan, he gets to watch the games from above the crowd in what is most likely the best seat in the house. Despite being a fan, he can’t root on the team too much as the announcer.

Goldberg is a native of Michigan who ended up in Leeds after following his brother here when he went to work at UAB. Goldberg was working in the corporate world but decided he wanted to be a teacher. So he moved to Leeds, enrolled at UAB and got a master’s degree in education with a focus on social sciences in 2009. While at UAB, he found Blaze Radio and signed up for an “air shift” as a DJ. Within no time, he was named general manager of the station for a year. As a DJ, he played “live, rare, lossless” music that is basically untouched clips from concerts that had not been tailored for Mp3 players. During his time as GM, Goldberg sent in a demo tape of the station’s best DJs to XM Radio and scored a segment on the worldwide network, a highlight of his time in radio.

Goldberg encourages students who want to be in broadcasting to work with him from the PA system. They help with announcements from the field and he hopes will help with social media posts.

After home games, Goldberg and Leeds High 2017 alumnus Kwynten Gage videotape a 5- to 10-minute segment talking about the game, giving other local scores and insight into upcoming college football games the next day and post it to the YouTube Channel WAVE Sports Network. Click here to see videos.

Goldberg may love calling the football games, but his true love is the classroom, where he gets to bring his corporate world experience to his economics classes.

“I think I’m a better teacher because I know the outside world,” he said, “And I can give that experience in the classroom.”

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