Power out to 1,100 customers in Leeds

Storms have caused power outages in Leeds.

Storms rolling through Leeds tonight have caused power outages to 1,100 customers as of 9:45 p.m., according to Alabama Power.

Some businesses are included in the outage. China Wok on Parkway Drive reported on Facebook that they would have to close early because of power loss.

There is no estimated time for power to be restored. An Alabama Power spokeswoman says the lines of storms have to pass first so crews can see what needs to be fixed or replaced.

Crews are in route to be there when rain finishes and assess damage and then get to work, the spokeswoman said.

On Twitter, Alabama Power says “as of 7:55 p.m., there are approximately 49,000 outages due to the severe weather moving across our state. There 27,214 outages reported in the Tuscaloosa area; 6,332 in the Mobile area; 15,456 in the Birmingham area. Call 800-888-2726 to report a power outage.”



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