‘Painkillers’ Christian conference to be held in Pell City

Photo from Eden Westside Baptist Church website.

A three day conference at Eden Westside Baptist Church in Pell City is set to take place this weekend. The conference is inspired by the book “Painkillers” by Rev. Jack Connell.

The regional conference is presented by the St. Clair County Baptist Association in partnership with Eden Westside Baptist.

“The book, Painkillers, covers the idea that we do not have a drug epidemic, but we have a pain epidemic,” states a press release for the conference. “People are hurting so they are looking for ways to cope with their particular type of pain. When people run from pain, they run to something else.”

“Most people think of drugs or alcohol, but there are other painkillers just as destructive as these. Seven types of painkillers are identified in the book and this weekend conference will deal with each one.” 

There will be a panel discussion headed by Retired St. Clair County School Superintendent Jennie Seals, Tina Montgomery and Chip Treadwell. Breakout sessions will be headed by Therapist Rod Campbell, Eden Westside’s Director of Restoration Ministries Deona Durham and inspirational speaker Rita Aiken Moritz.

The event will take place May 3-5 at Eden Westside Baptist Church located at 223 Wolf Creek Road North.

To register, visit painkillersconference.com.


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