Moody Fire Department to begin testing, repainting hydrants

Photo from Moody Fire Department's Facebook page.

The Moody Fire Department announced on its Facebook page that it will be testing hydrants throughout the city and is in the process of repainting them based on their rate of flow.

In the announcement, the Moody Fire Department said that most will be painted a bright yellow color in order to allow responders to “be able to spot the hydrant easily in the event one is needed for whatever call they’re facing.”

Hydrants with the strongest flow are being painted with a blue top while others with lesser flows are painted green, orange and red, with red being the weakest.

“This allows us to know a rough estimate and to be able to gauge if the hydrant will be strong enough to flow the water we will need based on the size of the event at hand,” the Moody Fire Department stated in the announcement.

Updates on the department’s Facebook page will be made when testing on hydrants begin, which may cause water pressure in some areas to drop.

“We will also keep you all updated here as to when we will begin testing each hydrant because it could cause a drop in water pressure while one is running in some areas, or cause water to be a little bit dirty for a little while,” says the announcement.


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