Local media company offering free services to churches and ministries

By Erica Thomas, managing editor

ODENVILLE — At a time that is uncertain and unstable, one local media company is reaching out to others to realize a higher purpose.

B-Two Media has been in operation for one year. The company produces high-quality videos, social media graphics and assists with software setup and live-stream setup.

“We were founded on the basis of excellence and customer service,” said owner Anthony Baumann. “We have been in ministry our whole lives and we know how hard this can affect churches and families. People right now need hope and they need peace. If they can’t turn to a church for that, then where can they turn to?”

Baumann and his wife Kirstie are dedicated to helping local communities and serving God.

“If you have an ability to help, why not help?” said Anthony Baumann. “We feel God has blessed us with these businesses and with the opportunity to make an impact.”

The Trussville Tribune is partnering with B-Two Media to offer studio use to churches and ministries during this time.

Here is a list of services B-Two Media is offering, free of charge, during the COVID-19 outbreak:

  1. Announcement Videos: We will record an announcement video for your social media channels to keep your members updated. We will use our on-air talents or we can record you!
  2. Social Media Graphics: We can help design some graphics so you can keep everyone updated. These can be used on your social media channels, websites, or your live stream!
  3. Sermon Videos: Just because you cannot meet, does not mean that the church cannot assemble! We can video your sermon so that you can upload it to your social media channels. We can come to you or we can meet in a professional studio locally!
  4. Live Stream Setup: We love helping connecting churches with technology to help spread the Gospel! We would love to help you set up your live streaming or diagnose any issues you may be having.
  5. Tithing Software Setup: We know that it can be stressful when the church cannot assemble and the tithes are not coming in. We can help you set up your online giving so that your members can give easily and securely online!

B-Two Media also helps with travel arrangements, including canceling and rescheduling travel. The company also provides websites, business cards, publications and other media services. For more information on B-Two Media, or to contact someone about these services, click here.


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