Leeds Schools receives “B” score from Alabama State Report Card

Picture from Facebook.

The Alabama Department of Education recently sent out report cards to school districts throughout the state, scoring school systems based on academic achievement/growth, graduation rates and other factors.

The Leeds school system received an overall score of 87/B for the 2018-2019 year. The score is up from 81 in 2017-2018. Academic achievement and growth were 64.31 and 97.76 respectively, with a graduation rate of 96.09 percent.

College and career readiness for the schools were 84.38 percent, with chronic absenteeism at 6.32 percent and progress in English language proficiency at 32.14 percent.

Leeds Elementary received an 81/B score, up from a 79/C in 2017-2018. Leeds High School scored an 88/B, up from 83/B. Leeds Middle School scored an 83/B, up from a 67/D. Leeds Primary scored an 81/B, up from a 77/C.

Click here to see more on the Leeds City Schools report cards.


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