Leeds Primary School’s Pre-K program to add new classroom through state grants

Photo from Leeds Primary School Facebook.

With the help of state grants that were recently announced, Leeds Primary School is among others in Alabama to add an additional classroom to its pre-kindergarten program.

With the funding, Leeds Primary School’s pre-kindergarten program will have a total of seven classrooms.

First Class Pre-K grants $26.8 million to pre-kindergarten programs in 38 counties across Alabama for the 2019-2020 year. The grants will increase the total number of classrooms in the state to 1,202.

According to the announcement, the greatest number of grants to private providers were given in Jefferson County and Mobile County.

The Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education will announce an additional round of grants this summer to what were called “high needs” areas.

Currently, 164 new classrooms are being added across the state.


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