Leeds debris, limb pickup truck damaged in wreck with deer

Damage to the new truck after hitting a deer.

Corrected version

Leeds City Council approved buying a new debris and limb pickup vehicle at its Aug. 5 meeting, and within three days of it being in service, one of the city’s other trucks was damaged when hitting a deer.

The new debris truck before the accident.

The city had two trucks and drivers to pick up trash and debris but needed a third to keep up with need. That was supposed to be taken care of with purchase of a new truck last week. The wreck will stall the process a little, said Mayor David Miller in a Facebook post Saturday.

“LEEDS TAKES DELIVERY ON NEW LIMB TRUCK: In the never ending effort to stay ahead of the trash and limb pickup problem, the City has purchased a new limb truck based on a heavy duty Freightliner chassis. As fate would have it, within 3 days of delivery of the new truck, our existing Freightliner limb truck ran into a deer and smashed the windshield and bent the metal surround. This truck is being repaired and should be back in service next week. In the meantime we have returned the old Ford truck to service, and although it is pretty worn out, we hope it will run long enough to keep us on track. Deer ran off and seemed OK.”


  1. I’m thinking the new truck wasn’t the one damaged. Read what David wrote again… “…within 3 days of delivery of the new truck, our _existing_ Freightliner limb truck…”. Also, no way the picture of the damaged truck is a new truck. Look at how dirty that thing is.


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