Leeds native Charles Barkley highlights his hometown while guest starring on Shark Tank

Charles Barkley is from Leeds. Photo from Wikipedia.

Leeds native and Hall of Fame basketball star Charles Barkley served as a guest on an episode of Shark Tank Sunday night, where he talked about his “great” upbringing by his mother and grandmother in Leeds.

In the Season 10 episode, Barkley talked in a video segment about being raised in Leeds, how he had a great childhood and said he didn’t know his family was poor, according to 2paragraphs.com.

Several Leeds High School administrators told the Leeds Tribune in August that they got calls from the Shark Tank producers asking for photos of Barkley in his years at the high school.

His appearance ran on ABC on Sunday night.

Barkley gave advice about how to avoid getting scammed, saying he did right off the bat and since then has “been very judicious in what I invest in.”

Professional sports is a tough way to become rich, he said, reminding viewers that 80 percent of professional athletes go broke.

Today, Barkley says he prefers to invest with minorities – blacks and Hispanics, “because I believe they have the hardest time getting money” and he says he wants to “help poor whites too who don’t have economic opportunity,” according to the website 2paragraph.com.

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