Leeds mayor denies discrimination claims against city’s yard waste pickup service

From the City of Leeds website.

The City of Leeds is addressing a resident’s claim that the city wouldn’t pick up his yard waste due to his age and inability to do yard work.

In an announcement, Leeds Mayor David Miller said he investigated the claim himself and the resident had left three times the volume of debris that the ordinance allows to be picked up.

“The city in no way discriminates against seniors or those with disabilities as this resident claims,” he said. “On the contrary, the City has spent and continues to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on our sidewalks and public facilities making them ADA-compliant as well as having developed plans to build additional facilities for our seniors.”

“Picking up non-compliant amounts of debris from one individual’s property diminishes the City’s ability to equally serve all our citizens.”

He also said that despite the current policy, a city vehicle will still pick up the debris from the senior’s home, though he said that the amount will take up the entire truck’s capacity and will necessitate a “special trip” to the dump.

This is the second statement from the city about the trash and limb pick up policy. On April 13, the city released an announcement saying some residents were abusing trash pickup service by leaving out inappropriate items for pick up by city vehicles. 

After that statement, citizens “expressed discontent and negative comments” on social media, which included a senior resident who is unable to do yard work saying that he was being discriminated against after city vehicles did not pick up tree debris from his street.

As with the last announcement, the city government advised residents with similar issues to call contractors to pick up items such as tree limbs for a fee. 


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