Leeds included in severe weather warnings for tonight

Most of Alabama is under an “enhanced risk” for severe weather tonight, including the Leeds area.

The National Weather Service out of Birmingham has several suggestions for preparing for the storms that are expected overnight and into the early morning hours of Sunday. These are tough times to be prepared because we are sleeping and not as easily aware of a pending storm.

The NWS says on their Facebook page “to prepare now so you can be safe if a warning is issued. Figure out multiple ways to receive warnings, check your weather radio, change out the batteries so they are fresh. Outdoor sirens WILL NOT WAKE YOU. Don’t rely on them. Choose a safe place. If you don’t have a safe place, contact your local Emergency Management Agency for shelter locations, check their Facebook and Twitter pages, as many share that information. Check with your local media for updates on safety information. Prepare that safety kit. Have it ready. Get your pet leash/carrier handy, and be sure you can reach your pets quickly. Taking even 10 minutes today could make a huge difference tomorrow!”

See more from the NWS at their Facebook page.


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