First measles case in Alabama confirmed in St. Clair County infant

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A case of measles has been confirmed in an infant in St. Clair County. The confirmation was made by the Alabama Department of Public Health in a press conference today.

The press conference was headed by Scott Harris, who is the state health officer with ADPH.

“Just as recently as yesterday we had had no confirmed cases of measles in Alabama but actually just this morning we were notified of a single case of measles in an infant under one year of age who was not previously vaccinated,” he said in the conference. This occurred in St. Clair County and we are in the early stage of investigating this.”

He said that the infant was known to be contagious from April 23 and that medical professionals are investigating to determine if there have been “additional exposures.”

“We anticipate in the next 24 hours that we’ll have more information about this case that we can make public and particularly we’ll have information for the public to learn about whether they could’ve been potentially exposed and what other steps need to be taken,” he said.

In recent months there have been reports of measles cases on the rise, with a case confirmed in Tennessee. Harris urged the public to remember that vaccination is needed to prevent contraction.

For details on symptoms and other information, visit the ADPH’s page on measles.


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