Daylight Donuts Leeds has new owner with charitable goals

New Daylight Donuts owners Mike and Lisa Herron with their daughter, Ann Harper.

Mike Herron used to get people’s hearts pumping by helping install pacemakers and stents. But now he and his family are giving folks a jolt the old-fashioned way – with coffee. And they are helping eliminate third-world poverty while they’re doing it.

Mike and Lisa Herron are the new owners of the Daylight Donut stores in The Outlet Shops at Grand River and on Parkway Drive in Leeds. Their son, Houston, will manage the stores.

“Daylight Donuts in Leeds is now under new management and is partnering with Non-Fiction Coffee Co.,” the previous owners, Jonathan and Valarie David, said in a Facebook post on May 6. “Now every donut and coffee you buy helps to eliminate the systemic poverty that has existed for generations in third world countries.”

Herron said he is new to the retail coffee business, but his wife Lisa has owned Non-Fiction Coffee Co. since 2015, and the family helps run it. Non-Fiction Coffee Co. is a wholesale coffee company that sells what Herron calls “ethically sourced coffee” to churches and businesses, with some retail online and in Piggly Wiggly stores, and now at Daylight Donuts.

“Non-Fiction Coffee is for-profit, but we give back,” Herron said. “We work with the farmers and try to get them a fair wage. Coffee is grown in the poorest countries in the world. In Central America, China, Africa, a dollar there is like $100 here. It doesn’t take a whole lot to make a difference.”

As they work with farmers, they also spread the Gospel, Herron said.


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