City of Leeds lays off two employees at Leeds Jane Culbreth Library

The Leeds library suffered layoffs Monday.

The city of Leeds on Monday laid off two part-time employees at the Leeds Jane Culbreth Library, citing budget constraints.

At the City Council meeting Monday night, City Councilwoman Linda Miller, chairperson of the finance committee, said the city had to make the cuts to “remain financially sound.”

“The budget is established, but it’s an estimate,” she said. “If you don’t have revenue, you have to live within your means.” Miller said all department heads have been asked all year “to make plans accordingly.”

Read more about the layoffs in this week’s print edition of the Leeds Tribune. Subscribe here.


  1. Unless something has happened that I don’t know about in the last couple of days, the library staff is being reduced by two instead of by three. Debbie Bennett retired as of the first of this week, as you reported beautifully in last week’s issue. One of our current part-time employees will transfer to the full-time slot her retirement vacates, but the part-time vacancy that creates will not be filled. We knew that would be the case, probably since last October. We learned about a week or so ago that another part time position is also being eliminated effective today, June 4. That came as a complete surprise to the staff. So our total Reduction in Force at present is two instead of three. (I’m just a lowly library assistant, so talk to Library Director Melanie Carden and confirm what I just said before printing it as Gospel Truth.)


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