Business Spotlight: Awake My Soul traveling art studio

Leeds' Chris Barentz brings art to you through Awake My Soul mobile studio.

They spread their small paint cans, brushes, wipes and other items all over the tables in the back of Rails and Ales in Leeds. Then they proceeded to paint what appeared to be a green elf, with a cute face and a mischievous smile. 

Showing the group of ladies what to do was Chris Barentz.

Barentz loves to share her art expertise. She loves it so much, she takes her studio, Awake My Soul, on the road and holds painting parties in Leeds, Moody and the surrounding areas. The response has been overwhelming.

“We are a traveling mobile studio. We go to homes, businesses, churches, schools, wherever they want to have a party,” Barentz said at a recent painting party. “It’s just like a gallery, same energy, but we do have a ton of fun while painting.”

Barentz has been painting since the early 90s. She used to be a decorative painter of homes, cabinets, furniture and the like. She did many forms of painting, including refinishing and glazing. Things stayed great for a while, then the recession hit in 2009, and she had to reinvent herself.

“I thought to myself, why not take the studio on the road, so I did,” Barentz said. “I get to meet fun people and do what I love.”

On one table, four women were busy painting their Saint Patrick’s Day door-hangers. They all spoke of how much they love doing this, and how much they appreciate Barentz teaching them.

Now when you see door hangers of little elf’s in the Leeds area, you will know the talent behind them.

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