American Legion Post 400 helps family after house fire

American Legion Post 400's Johnny Crowley with April Bennett.

When bad things happen, good folks step in to help. 

April Bennett’s family home burned to the ground several weeks ago. That’s when American Post 400 stepped up to help. 

Bennett remembers getting that terrible call in March.

“We were out of town, and I got a call at two in the morning that our house was on fire,” Bennett said. “We drove back and found the entire place down to the ground. There was not one wall standing.” 

“Everything was gone,” she said. “We have nothing left. It was all gone.”

Bennett’s husband, Sam Ingram, works for Tyler Sales. Both have lived in the house with their two children for several years. They did not have insurance, and they were close to paying it off.

American Legion Post Commander Johnny Crowley said the post is just doing “what folks do for folks.” 

“We are collecting money and clothes and anything people can help with,” Crowley said. “When things get bad, it brings out the best in people.”

“We have collected a little bit, but we need more,” Crowley said. “The folks of Leeds are wonderful. It’s your typical small town. People look out for each other.”

Crowley has been a member of the post for decades and loves the fact that they help any time a need arises.

“This is what we’re here for,” he said. “Leeds is a small place. Everyone knows everyone. We have to help.”

Crowley was in the Marines and went to Vietnam, where he was wounded in combat. He now runs American Legion Post 400 and loves helping people like Bennett and her family.

“This is why we’re here,” Crowley said. “I’ve seen it time after time in my years with the Post. Whenever anyone in the community needs help, we’re there.”

American Legion Post 400 is collecting money, clothing, furniture and any other items anyone can contribute to help April and her family.

“We need everyone to step up and help,” Crowley said. “Leeds is a small place. We have to help each other.” 

To help April Bennett, Sam Ingram and their family, contact American Legion Post 400 in Leeds.

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