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Advertising with the Leeds Tribune

Target your message and reach Leeds and St. Clair County residents directly by marketing your business in Leeds Tribune! Our print newspaper reaches 10,000 people in communities every Thursday and 40,000 readers a month to each website. Newspaper advertising supports local business efforts by increasing brand awareness and is often credited with driving traffic either to stores or to a website. Kingfisher Media operates two newspapers and is serving a growing audience in Dallas, Jefferson, Shelby, and St. Clair Counties.

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Packages Begin at just $75/week and can be customized for your business and advertising needs. We offer adjusted rates for long-term commitments. We can include digital advertising options and social pushes through our growing following. Let us get the word out for you and grow your business in Leeds and St. Clair County. Contact or fill out the form below and our Business Development Department will contact you for a custom quote.