5 Questions with Santa as Christmas nears

Santa talks about getting ready for the big day!

Have you been working hard this season?

I have been very busy, supervising the making of all kinds of toys from metal trucks to baby dolls to wooden toys to Nintendo to X-Box to Ninja Cookers for the Moms. Dads are easy. They want a good meal, jeans, boots. They’re not hard to please.

What was the wildest request you have ever gotten from a child?

A giraffe. We give dogs and cats, but this little boy wanted a giraffe. We were able to fulfill that wish, in a way. Mom and Dad would not be happy if Santa showed up with a 21-foot giraffe, so we gave him a four-foot stuffed animal.

How have the boys and girls been this year?

In Leeds, and really all over the world, they have done well for the bigger part. We are living in tough times, but they are doing well.

How are the reindeer?

They are into trouble constantly, and Rudolph is the leader. They get in and out of stalls, dumping feed all over the floor, throwing hay every where, leaving doors open and letting all the animals out. Rudolph particularly loves leading the way when we fly all over the world. On Christmas Eve, he lights the way with his red nose.

And the elfs, are they busy?

Wooh, they have been making toys nonstop. They have to look after the reindeer and keep them from misbehaving, but we have made enough toys this year.


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