5 Questions with Leeds librarian Debbie Bennett

Debbie Bennett has been at Leeds library for 10 years.

How long have you worked at the Leeds library? 

10 years. 

What role does a library play in the community?

Libraries are more than a place to check books out, they’re community centers offering programs for all ages. We have people who come in every day to read the paper and enjoy a magazine or two.

What you do think about the talk of libraries being replaced by the internet? 

I think the entire idea of the demise of public libraries is simply not going to happen.People love the many things libraries offer. When I was growing up, libraries were mostly books, but now there is a wide range of services at the library, although the books are still the most requested.

What is your favorite part of working at the library?

I love interacting with the folks who come in here. You get to know the people and the community, and they call you by name, which feels really good. The other day a young girl probably eight or nine checked out books that were a much older level. When I asked her if they were for her siblings, she said they were for her. I love that libraries contribute to our children reading and learning.

What community programs do you like at the library?

Four book clubs meet at the Jane Culbreth Library. To find out about those clubs and the range of services at the Jane Culbreth Library, visit www.leedslibrary.com

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