2 dogs found shot to death and discarded alongside road in Leeds

By Joshua Huff, sports editor

LEEDS — Two dogs were discovered alongside a rural Leeds road several days ago with wounds indicating that they were shot to death.

In a story first reported by WVTM13, a man driving on Markeeta Road discovered the two pitbulls dead and cast aside on the road. Leeds Police Chief Jim Atkinson said that both of the dogs had been shot.

One of the dogs was discovered just off the rural road under a blue and grey crate dropped into the brush that hugs the road. The second dog was found just up the road.

Atkinson said that the department has had no leads in regards to where the dogs came from and how the dogs ended up there.

Recently, President Trump signed off on a bill on Nov. 25 making animal cruelty a federal felony in the U.S. The law makes it a felony to abuse animals on interstate commerce and federal property.

Violators can face substantial fines and up to seven years in jail.

Atkinson asks for anybody that has any information to call the Leeds Police Department at (205) 699-2581.


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